Photosynthesis and Cellular
Respiration Shuffle

Science and Global Issues: Biology - Ecology: Living on Earth, Activity 9

On the next screen you will see 8 picture cards and 2
columns, each with slots for 4 cards. The column on the left is for
the photosynthesis cards, and the column on the right is for the
cellular respiration cards. The cards, each representing a stage in
either photosynthesis or cellular respiration, appear randomly in
the middle. Your task is to place the cards in their correct column
and order, based on what you see in the pictures.

Double-click the card to zoom in and see a more detailed
image of it. Click and drag the card to move it into the correct
position. Once you have placed all 8 cards, click the “Check”
button or press “Enter”. If all the cards are correctly placed, you
will get a message with further instructions. Otherwise, any
correct cards will stay in place. If a card is in the correct column
but not the correct order, it will move from the slot you placed it
in to a position next to the column. Incorrectly placed cards will
automatically return to the middle and you may try again.

You are correct.